16. August 2023

It is easier than you think…

I have news. My wife and I are soon to be so-called “empty-nesters”! (Yes, we’ve done it!)

That’s not the news though.

The real news is that we will use our newfound freedom for something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time — move to another country. In about 15 weeks, we’ll become Torontonians, and we’ll be busy hunting for apartments in the middle of the Canadian winter.

“Wow, I could never do that!”, “That’s bold!”, “What if something goes wrong?”

It’s fascinating how many people react with disbelief when all you’re planning to do is move to a different place. Yes, it’s in another country, but you know what? People manage there too; it isn’t rocket science!

I always respond the same way: If it goes wrong, we’ll simply come back! Even if that happens, at least we will have gained experience and will return with new insights and stories to tell. I mean, there’s only one life, so why not take a leap into new waters occasionally?

Most of the time, the roadblocks and barriers are in our own heads. The perceived risk is often twice as big as it is in reality, and opportunities not seized can turn into regrets.

For now, our plan is to move to Toronto for a few years and then decide if we want to come back. Either way, it will be a fantastic adventure and a new chapter filled with experiences. I can’t wait to start.

I’ve also been considering various ways to share this experience. I’m a podcaster at heart (7 years, 8 shows, 1500 episodes…), so perhaps a new show? But then there’s also this blog, so maybe I’ll stick to writing for now? Maybe both…

I envision several posts about this journey, but before I start typing — do you have questions I should address first? Leave me a comment; I’d love to dive into your topics first.

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